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Kentucky State University Third Thursday Workshop In Aquaculture On June 16, 2016

Kentucky State University will host it's Third Thursday Workshop in Aquaculture on June 16, 2016. The Workshop will be held at the Harold R. Benson Research and Demonstration Farm from 10:00am-3:00pm.

Agenda is listed below:

Harold R. Benson Research and Demonstration Farm

1525 Mills Lane, Frankfort, KY 40601


Kentucky Aquatic Newsletter Spring/Summer 2016

The new edition of the Kentucky Aquatic Farming newsletter has been released. You may view this edition by clicking the link below.

Kentucky Aquatic Farming Newsletter Spring/Summer 2016


Aquaculture Research Center Picked As One Of The Seven Wonders Of Frankfort

KSU's Aquaculture Research Center

"I would humbly nominate the KSU Aquaculture Research Center as one of the 7 Wonders of Frankfort," said James Tidwell, Chair of the University's Division of Aquaculture. "The program and facility are unique in the Commonwealth and recognized nationally and internationally." Combined research efforts by KSU and Alltech are seeking ways to lessen reliance on marine resources and to help reduce negative environmental impacts. The global population is also projected to pass 11 billion by the end of the century, so this joint research is also seeking new ways to feed the World."

See more at: http://m.state-journal.com/2016/04/16/45442/#sthash.N69rFCVn.dpuf


Students Are Getting Busy At The Aquaculture Research Center

Spring brings warmer temperatures and also more work for faculty, staff and students at the ARC. Dr. Gomelsky, Dr. Semmens and graduate students in the Fish Reproduction Lab are collecting data on performance of two spawning aids for induced spawning of Largemouth bass - Human Chorionic Gonadotropin and Lutenizing Hormone Reseasing Hormone analogue.

This data will help us evaluate a new spawning aid - research to conducted next Spring as part of a project with the Southern Regional Aquaculture Center. At this point the fingerling production strategy used by producers is to let the fish spawn naturally.


Kristy Allen Wheeler Has Been Selected As The Outstanding Graduate Student

Faculty at the Aquaculture Research Center have selected Kristy Allen Wheeler as the 2016 Outstanding Graduate Student in the Division of Aquaculture. Kristy was recognized at the Honors Convocation Thursday, April 7, 2016. Her major Professor is Dr. Vikas Kumar.

Photos by Charles Weibel


Dr. Vikas Kumar Appointed As Associated Editor Of "Journal of the World Aquaculture Society"

Dr. Vikas Kumar, Assistant Professor at Kentucky State University's Aquaculture Research Center has been appointed as an Associate Editor of "Journal of the World Aquaculture Society (JWAS)". JWAS is highly reputed and is a well ranked journal in aquaculture and fisheries science. With immense expertise and vast research experience in aquaculture, nutrition, physiology and genomics, Dr. Kumar will be accountable for peer review process and decision-making. For further information, please visit the following website:


Photo by Charles Weibel


Welcome New Graduate Student Brittany Woodward to Kentucky State University's Aquaculture Graduate Program

Brittany Woodward is a new graduate student at Kentucky State University's Aquaculture Research Center. Her research work will be focused on "Essential Amino Acid Requirements of Largemouth Bass" under the direction of Dr. Vikas Kumar.

Brittany completed her undergraduate degree in Aquatic Science at Colorado State University. She is also participating in the "Ohio Soybean Project" analyzing the texture of shrimp by using QTS Texture Analyzer.

Photos by Charles Weibel


World Aquaculture Society Triennial Meeting

The Triennial is the largest aquaculture conference and trade-show held in the world with nearly 4000 attendees from over 90 countries.

The Triennial combines the annual meetings of the World Aquaculture Society, National Shellfisheries Association, Fish Culture Section of the American Fisheries Society, and the National Aquaculture Association. Kentucky State University's Aquaculture Research Center was well represented at the meeting.

Faculty, staff, graduate and undergraduate students presented posters and oral presentations at the meeting held in Las Vegas, Nevada February 22nd to the 26th.


Kentucky's New Governor Matt Bevin Visits the

Aquaculture Research Center

Governor Matt Bevin visited Kentucky State University and it's Aquaculture Research Center on February 24, 2016. He talked with President Burse, Dr. Kirk Pomper, Dr. James Tidwell, Graduate students Doug Blair and Kristy Wheeler about KSU's research and facilities. Governor Bevin got to see the research ponds, aquaponic research system, genetics laboratory and much more. He seemed interested in KSU's Research and opportunities for current and future students.

Photos by Charles Weibel


Agriculture Food and Environment Undergraduate Student Starts Her Practicum II Project at the Aquaculture Research Center

Ashley Craigmyle, an Agriculture Food and Environment (AFE) undergraduate student, started her Practicum II project at the Aquaculture Research Center with some help from members of Dr. Andrew Ray's research laboratory.

Her project will evaluate the effects of various types of LED lights on microaglae communities in biofloc aquaculture water. This information will not only lead to a productive research project, but it will also be used to help guide the use of LED lighting in future biofloc projects, including one at the Kentucky State University High Tunnel Complex.

Photos by Charles Weibel



Scale-Transparency and Red-Eye Mutations in Koi


Dr. Boris Gomelsky, KSU Aquaculture Professor, describes two mutations in koi and demonstrates mutant fish from experimental progenies.

Video edited by Charles Weibel



Growing Marine Shrimp in a Biofloc System


This video was shot during a harvest of the indoor marine shrimp production system at Kentucky State University's Aquaculture Research Center. Dr. Andrew Ray describes some of the benefits and concepts behind biofloc-based aquaculture. The video serves as an introduction to this relatively new and exciting topic which can be used to grow marine shrimp in practically any building, allowing fresh, whole, jumbo shrimp to be grown near and sold to a variety of inland markets.


Dr. Jim Tidwell on GCTV with Bill Miller


Dr. Jim Tidwell, Chair of Kentucky State University's Division of Aquaculture and past-president of both the US Aquaculture Society and the World Aquaculture Society, discusses how to deal with dwindling fish supplies and overfishing.



Aquaponics - An Integrated Fish and Plant Production System





Alltech-KSU Research Alliance Focus on Aquaculture Sustainability



To learn more about aquaculture & agriculture sustainability and the research alliance between Alltech and Kentucky State University, click on the link below.






KSU Third Thursday Workshop in Aquaculture

Harold R. Benson Research and Demonstration Farm

1525 Mills Lane, Frankfort, KY

June, 16 2016

10:00am - 3:00pm






Aquaculture Online Courses

Pink Button Water Quality Management
Water chemistry as it relates to aquaculture and recreational pond management.


Brown button Fish Reproduction & Spawning Techniques
This course includes recorded lectures and practical demonstration videos. Instructor: Dr. Boris Gomelsky

Green ButtonFish Genetics
Emphasis is on practical applications in Aquaculture and Fisheries. Instructor: Dr. Boris Gomelsky boris.gomelsky@kysu.edu

Blue ButtonPrinciples of Aquaculture
This Internet class features video lectures over PowerPoint slides. Instructor: Dr. Jim Tidwell james.tidwell@kysu.edu

red button Fish Diseases
This course taught by Dr. Robert Durborow


Yellow Button Survey of Production Methods
This Internet class features video lectures over PowerPoint slides. Instructor: Dr. Jim Tidwell james.tidwell@kysu.edu



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