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WELCOME TO PRINCIPLES OF AQUACULTURE.  This Internet course operates on the Blackboard 6 platform. You probably will find this course different than other online courses you have taken.  Each class will be primarily video modules that you view as often as you wish. The course also contains online tests, external links to Internet resources, discussion boards and other tools for active interaction between instructor and students, as well as among students themselves.

The Kentucky State University Aquaculture Program offers a 3-credit-hour Principles of Aquaculture undergraduate (AQU 422) and graduate (AQU 522) Internet course. Dr. Jim Tidwell,, Professor and Chair, Division of Aquaculture at KSU, will teach the courses.

The graduate-level course (AQU 522) is intended for students who are completing or already have a bachelor’s (or higher) degree.  During the course, students take four online tests.  Graduate level students also prepare a research paper on one cultured species not covered in class.

photo Dr. Tidwell

Dr. Jim Tidwell


Why take an Internet course?
An online course is perfect for persons who have limited time, and may not be able to attend class at a particular hour. Also, Web courses provide subject matter that may not be available at a nearby school.

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How to Enroll

1. Students are encouraged to contact
Dr. Tidwell to discuss course specifics and receive consent for acceptance into the course.

2. Registration for Principles of Aquaculture:
U.S. students should contact the instructor and request enrollment information.

International students (countries other than U.S.) receive instructions for registration from Dr. Tidwell.
3. Kentucky State University will contact the student about payment arrangements.
Registration is not complete until the student has paid tuition and fees.

4. The instructor will contact each student by e-mail to provide initial course instructions before the course begins. A working e-mail address is required for each student.

Why Principles of Aquaculture online?
Aquaculture is the fastest growing food production activity in the world.  Over half our seafood now comes from aquaculture and that proportion increases every year.  This course provides a broad overview of all aspects of aquaculture.

photo of bass

Is a textbook required?


photo of bass

Any prerequisites?
Student should receive consent of instructor for acceptance into the course.

Principles of Aquaculture provides a broad overview of all aspects of
This course is offered at the undergraduate and graduate levels.

Who may take
Principles of Aquaculture?

Anyone who...

* wishes to add an aquaculture course into his/her present university curriculum.

* already has a degree in biology or in some other area and is interested in aquaculture or fisheries.

* wants to get credit hours without attending a traditional classroom.

photo of ass

What about tuition and fees?

Tuition - Undergraduate
(AQU 422)  $1,224.00

Tuition - Graduate
(AQU 522) $1,530.00

(Tuition and fees subject to change.)

Comments from Principles of Aquaculture students:

Greetings Dr.Tidwell and Nathan Cochran,
I would like to tell you that I really enjoyed taking this course. Very informative, excellent information, and very nice delivery.
Thank you very much for providing a course like this in such a manner so that people like me could take and enjoy this!
I look forward to taking more courses like this from KSU in the near future.
Thank you again.
Trevor Thomas
Ontario, Canada

I just completed the exam for AQU-522.  I appreciate the organization and content in your lecture materials.  It is always a challenge determining how to organize and study the materials for each professor's course but I feel your material was well explained and well organized helping me to study.
Jason Russell
Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources
Fisheries Division

"I really did enjoy the course and would recommend it to anyone."
Aaron Von Eschen
South Dakota State University

"I learned much more than I thought I would.  I was simply taking it to fulfill a science requirement.  This was pretty neat.  My boyfriend is an avid fisherman and I know more than he does now!"
Thanks again!

"I have really enjoyed the course and have learned an immense amount. I want to thank you for the opportunity to learn this material in such a great format. It was very easy to watch and follow along. Will KSU be offering any more courses online in the future? I would really like to continue on and finish a masters degree online and I cannot find one anywhere. I also do not have the ability to travel anywhere locally for an advanced degree. If you have any ideas, I would be amenable to them. Again, thank you very much for the time and the course. I thoroughly enjoyed it."
Christian Moehring

Dr. Tidwell,
"I just wanted to say that I really enjoyed the format of this class. This is the first online class that I have taken with video lectures. I wish more classes were like this..."

"This course was great! I loved the format, it was like I was there in the classroom. Anytime I had a question, I e-mailed Dr. Tidwell and he answered my questions.  The content was great as well. I gained a huge amount of useful knowledge that I can apply to my current situation.  I would highly recommend this class to anyone who has any interest in Aquaculture, whether graduate or undergraduate level.  Outstanding job - keep up the good work."
Robert Enders."


"Very easy to take this course when out of town or have little time during normal hours. Very convenient."

Salleann Adkins


Dr. Tidwell,
" I just wanted to take the time to tell you how much I appreciated the class, it was very helpful to me and I learned a lot. I was probably a pain in the tail asking questions on the
I do thank you for the class."
Keith Pope
Tech 1   Southeastern Fisheries Division
Ky. Department of Fish & Wildlife Resources
Somerset, KY


"I am looking forward to your new course Survey of Production Methods. I really learned a great deal in the summer course, Principles of Aquaculture, even after over 30 years in the aquaculture field. You and your staff have produced a great training curriculum."

Jerry McGehee, Idaho Fish & Game