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K-12 Schools

This Position is currently vacant and will be filled soon

K-12 Educator & Recruiter

Kentucky's "Aquaculture Educator" works with K-12 teachers across the state, assisting teachers in:
a) providing students with a greater awareness and understanding of aquaculture
b) motivating students to learn and improve math and science skills through an applied "problem-based" approach and
c) exploring with students the potential of aquaculture as a profitable agricultural activity in Kentucky.

Aquaculture School Activities Expanding

Teaching aquaculture courses, and development of experiential learning activities in aquaculture, have been rapidly developing at the secondary school level. 

Scattered over different regions of the Commonwealth, 47 high schools and vo-ag programs currently have aquaculture activities. These efforts are extremely important for increasing awareness of aquaculture among young Kentuckians while their minds are still open to new enterprises.

Aquaculture Education Teaching Resources

    Aquaculture Instructional Materials

I.  Aquaculture Instructional Materials Currently Available from the National Council for Agricultural Education:

                Aquaculture Curriculum Guide (5 module set)

  1.      Series of 13 “How To” aquaculture instructional guides
  2.     “Tilapia, Reproduction and Growth in Educational Environments”
  3.    “Aquatic Resources: Awareness, Understanding and Uses for Educational Purposes”

      “Aquaculture Education, Electronic Instructional Library” (a CD ROM containing all aquaculture instructional materials developed by The Council)

Contact: National Council for Agricultural Education                  1410 King Street, Suite 400, 
Alexandria, VA 22314 
Tel: (800) 772-0939,  Fax: 703-838-5888                             Website: www.teamaged.org

  1. II.      Aquaculture Science, 2nd Ed. by Rick Parker

Contact: Delmar/Thomson Learning 
3 Columbia Circle, P.O. Box 15015 
Albany, NY 12212-5015 
Tel: (800)-730-2214,  Fax: (800) 730-2215                             Website: www.Agriscience.Delmar.com


   III.      III. Aquaculture: An Introduction, by J. Lee and M. New

Contact: Interstate Publishers, Inc. 
510 Vermillion St. P.O. Box 50 
Danville, IL 61834-0050 
 Tel: (800) 843-4774,  Fax: (217) 446-9706                                     Website: www.interstatepublishers.com


  IV.      IV. Aquaculture, by Susan S. Walker

Contact:  Multistate Academic and Vocational Curriculum Consortium
1500 West Seventh Ave.
Stillwater, Ok 74074
 Tel: (800) 654-3988 
 Website: www.mavcc.org


     V.      VI.      Recirculating Aquaculture Set-Up Chronological Assistance Letter (RASCALs)

Contact:  New England Board of Higher Education  
45 Temple Place  
Boston, MA 02111 
 Website: www.nebhe.org 

VI.      Aquaculture Teaching Module

Contact:  Applied Technologies 
P.O. Box 1419  
Calhoun, GA 30703 
Tel: (800) 334-4943,  Fax: (706) 629-6761                                     Website: www.applied-technologies.com


VII.      Aquaculture Education Teacher Reference Manuals

Contact: Freshwater Institute 
P.O. Box 1889 
Shepherdstown, WV 25443 
Tel: (304) 876-2815,  Fax: (304) 870-2208                                     Website: www.conservationfund.org


VIII.    Aquaponics Curriculum
Contact:  Nelson/Pade Multimedia                                             P.O. Box 1848                                                                           Mariposa, CA 95338                                                                    
Tel: (209) 742-6869 
Fax: (209) 742-4402                                                                 Website: www.aquaponics.com
B. Internet Addresses for Aquaculture

The following Internet addresses are useful for teachers and students of aquaculture: 
Kentucky Department of Agriculture – www.state.ky.us/agencies/agr

AquaNIC (Aquaculture Network Information Center, Purdue U.) – www.aquanic.org

The Alternative Farming Systems Information Center - www.na.usda.gov/afsic/afsaciua.htm

American Tilapia Association – www.ag.arizona.edu/azaqua/ata.html

Aquacultural Engineering Society – www.aben.cals.cornell.edu/aes/

Aquaculture and Hydroponics (Aquaponics) – www.aquaponics.com

Aquaculture Online with Harbor Branch Foundation - www.aquaculture-online.org

Aquaculture Outlook Reports - http://usda.mannlib.cornell.edu

Freshwater Institute - www.conservationfund.org/conservation/freshwater/index.html

U.S. Joint Subcommittee on Aquaculture – http://ag.ansc.purdue.edu/aquanic/jsa/

Pond Dynamics/Aquaculture Collaborative Research Support Program - www.orst.edu/dept/crsp/homepape.html

Auburn University Aquaculture/Fisheries – www.ag.auburn.edu/dept/faa/faa1.html

World Aquaculture Society - http://ag.ansc.purdue.edu/aquanic/was/was.htm

American Fisheries Society – www.fisheries.org

North Central Regional Aquaculture Center - http://ag.ansc.purdue.edu/aquanic/ncrac/

Northeastern Regional Aquaculture Center - www.umassd.edu/specialprograms/nrac/

Southern Regional Aquaculture Center - www.msstate.edu/dept/srac/

Western Regional Aquaculture Center - www.fish.washington.edu/wrac/

C. Internet Discussion Groups - Aquaculture Education

 Website: www.teamaged.org/aquaculture/

D. Aquatic Resources Software

Getting Started in Freshwater Aquaculture. 1998. ISBN 0-931682-71-1. 
By: LaDon Swann. 
Illinois-Indiana Sea Grant College Program, 
Purdue University, Department of Animal Sciences, 
West Lafayette, 47907-1026.
Tel: (765) 494-6264

SRAC Publications Collection – August 1998, 
Texas Agricultural Regional Extension Service.
Aquaculture Interactive – A Digital Aquaculture Textbook
Harbor Branch Oceanographic Institution
5600 U.S. 1 North, Fort Pierce, FL 34946

Aquatic Systems Engineering. 1996. ISBN 1-888381-05-1
By: P.R. Escobal. 
Dimension Engineering Press, 
P.O. Box 2327, 
Oznard, CA 93034-2327. 
Tel: (805) 487-2248; Fax: (805) 486-2491.

Ponds (Free on Internet from Oregon State University) at website:

 Fishy 3.5 
Mississippi State University, 
Agricultural Economics Department, Box 9755,
Mississippi State, MS 39762. 
Tel: (601) 325-2750; Fax: (601) 325-8777


E. Aquatic Video Resources 

Fish Health Management (5, 20 minute videos)
By: University of Florida, Hillsborough (FL) County Cooperative Extension Service, Florida Tropical Fish Farms Association and the Pet Care Trust

P.O. Box 1519
Winterhaven, FL 33882
Fax: (991) 299-5154
Website: www.petsforum.com/petcaretrust/PCTE2.htm

F. Major Aquaculture Suppliers (free catalogs*)

  Aquatic Eco-Systems, Inc.
1767 Benbow Court
Apopka, FL 32703
Tel: (877) 347-4788
Website: www.aquaticeco.com

 AquaCenter, Inc.
166 Seven Oaks Rd.
Leland, MS 38756
Tel: (800) 748-8921
Website: www.tecinfo.com/-aqcenter

Aquaculture Supply, LCC
668 Time Saver Ave.
New Orleans, LA 70123
Tel: (504) 736-9360; Fax: (504) 736-9373
Website: www.aquasales.com

Southern Aquaculture Supply Company  
P.O. Box 326  
931 Saint Mary’s St.  
Lake Village, AR 71653  
Tel: (870) 265-3584,  Fax: (870) 265-4146

Keeton Industries, Inc.  
300 Lincoln Ct.  
Fort Collings, CO 80524  
Tel: (970) 493-4831; Fax: (970) 493-4921
Website: www.keetonaqua.com

Argent Laboratories  
8702 152nd Ave., N.E.  
Redmond, WA 98052  
Tel: (800) 426-6258, Fax: (425) 885-2112  
Website: www.argent-labs.com


G. Aquaculture Society’s and Journals  

Kentucky Aquaculture Association  
4954 Paris Pike  
Lexington, KY 40511  
Tel: (502) 564-9103  
Basic membership: $50.00 
KAA Newsletter (free w/membership) – Kentucky Fish Farming

World Aquaculture Society  
143 J M Parker Coliseum  
Louisiana State University  
Baton Rouge, LA 70803  
Tel: (225) 388-3137; Fax: (225) 388-3493  
Website: www.was.org  
Basic membership: $ 60.00 
U.S. Chapter: $ 5.00 
Magazine: World Aquaculture (free w/membership)

American Fisheries Society  
5410 Grosvenor Lane  
Suite 110  
Bethesda, MD 20814  
Tel: (301) 897-8616x218; Fax: (301) 897-8096  
Website: www.fisheries.org  
Basic membership: $ 76.00 
North American Journal of Aquaculture: $ 33.00/yr.

Aquaculture Magazine* (with a 1 year subscription you will receive a “Buyers Guide,” a tremendous source for information on aquaculture suppliers, producers, research/extension/educational contacts, and technical support)  
P.O. Box 2329  
Asheville, NC 28802  
Tel: (704) 254-7334  
Website: www.aquaculturemag.com

Aquaponics Journal  
Nelson/Pade Multimedia  
P.O. Box 1848  
Mariposa, CA 95338  
Tel: (209) 742-6869, Fax: (209) 742-4402  
Website: www.aquaponics.com